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4th edition of the European Cycling Challenge – ECC2015
Pályáztató:  Európai Bizottság
Határidő:  2014. december 31.
Feltöltve:  2014. november 26., 17:51:28
Tipus:  Verseny (42)
Szakmai terület:  Környezetvédelem (8); Egyéb (86)
Ország:  Magyarország; Románia
The 4th edition of the European Cycling Challenge – ECC2015 is‹ an event which also acts as a Challenge for all the european cities involved.
The CIVITAS Award assigned by the European Commission in 2013 and the extremely high participation in the 2014 edition have underlined the strategic role the Challenge plays in promoting the use of bicycles as a form of urban transport.
The ECC2014 saw 32 cities challenging each other throughout the month of May, and involved 17,000 participants from a potential population of around 14 million european citizens. Over 1.5 million kilometres were cycled and an estimated 183 tonnes of CO2 were saved. Rome, Warsaw, Oslo, Barcelona, Bristol, Lille, Bologna and Padua are just some of the cities which participated last year, and some of them have already expressed their interest in taking part again next May.
The Challenge sees the various participating cities, each with its own team, challenging each other in using bicycles as a form of daily urban transport through the whole month of May. The participants, each tracking their own bike rides with a free GPS-based smartphone app, will contribute to the total number of km cycled in their cities. The rankings, both locally (among participants), and on a european level (among cities), are constantly updated and are a fun way to measure oneself against ones fellow citizens, colleagues and friends as well as against the participating cities.
In the previous editions, this fun way of monitoring in real time gave birth to an even more entertaining way of mutually involving citizens through word of mouth and social networks, as well as a host of media coverage on local radio stations and newspapers.
The benefit in terms of publicity for the cities involved has been two-fold: on the one hand, the event has had a spin-off effect by promoting each city internationally, while on the other, the administration has been able to dialog and “play” with its citizens to reach shared objectives.
Moreover, the Challenge itself has had an extremely important technical value for those, like local administrations, involved in verifying existing cycle networks and in planning future ones.
All the information recorded via GPS during the month of May can be supplied to local administrations to be elaborated in order to identify the routes that are really being used by cyclists for getting around.
Numerous heat maps have been created based on the information collected in 2014.
The Municipality of Bologna and the SRM, the Authority for Mobility and Local Public Transport, are confident that the 2015 edition will confirm the results obtained so far in terms of participation and visibility, offering the participating cities an opportunity to dialog with their own citizens on the issues of sustainability and the use of bicycles as a mode of urban transport.
For all these reasons, we are proud to invite your city to participate in the 2015 edition.
Just like last year, participation in the Challenge requires signing an agreement and making a payment of 1.000,00 € as participation fee which covers the technical costs of managing the web and mobile platform which is used to track routes (the use of the APP, as previously stated, is absolutely free for citizens). The supply of GPS data regarding the routes and the real time heat-map delivery are optional, and if required foresees an additional fee of 1.000,00 €.
If you require any further information or clarifications please consult, which is continuously updated, or contact the SRM at +39.051.361328 or write to
Preliminarily, and in a completely non-binding manner, all cities interested in taking part in the Challenge are kindly requested to fill in the online form on the website by December 31st, 2014

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