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Europa a polgárokért Program - 1-es prioritási tengely, 1.1-es intézkedés - Testvérvárosi találkozók
Pályáztató:  Európai Bizottság
Határidő:  2012. február 15.
Feltöltve:  2012. január 5., 16:18:20
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By Decision 1904/2006/EC of 12 December 2006 the European Parliament and the Council adopted the 'Europe for Citizens Programme' for the period 2007-2013, which put into place the legal framework to support a wide range of activities and organisations promoting ‘active European citizenship' and therefore the involvement of citizens and civil society organisations in the process of European integration.

The Europe for Citizens Programme builds on the experience of the previous Programme which ran from 2004 to 2006. The current Programme was proposed by the Commission after a large consultation with the different stakeholders and an ‘ex ante’ evaluation, which has identified the need for an intervention at Community level and the expected impact of the Programme on the sector. Thanks to these experiences and reflections, this Programme of second generation demonstrates a certain level of maturity, combining continuity and
The Programme will run from 2007 to 2013.

The Programme is targeting ‘European’ citizens, which includes for the purpose of this Programme citizens of EU-Member States, citizens of other participating countries as well as legal residents in the participating countries.

What budget is available?

The Programme has an overall budget of 215 million euro for the seven years (2007-2013).
The annual budget is subject to decision of the budgetary authorities. The following site enables you to follow the different steps of the adoption of the budget. This Programme is concerned with the budget line 15 06 66.

The decision establishing the Programme specified that the overall breakdown between the different actions should be the following:

• Action 1: at least 45%
• Action 2: approximately 31%
• Action 3: approximately 10%
• Action 4: approximately 4%.

Action 1 – Active Citizens for Europe

What are the aims of the Action?

This action is directed specifically at activities involving citizens, in line with the objectives of the Programme and in particular the following specific objective: bringing together people from local communities across Europe to share and exchange experiences, opinions and values, to learn from history and to build for the future. It encourages exchanges and debates among European citizens from different countries and through different means.

This action is divided in two measures:

• Town Twinning
This measure consists in benefiting from the links established at local level between twinned municipalities for fostering exchanges and cooperation.

• Citizens’ projects and support measures
This measure explores innovative methods of citizens’ participation.

Measure 1 – Town Twinning

Town twinning is a reality in today’s Europe, as an important number of municipalities are linked to each other through town twinning agreements. Such partnership aims at encouraging cooperation between the towns and mutual understanding between their citizens. The Town twinning movement has developed after the Second World War, in parallel to the progress made by the European integration process. One of the major developments was the establishment of town twinning links between EU Member States and countries from Central or Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, anticipating and preparing their integration in the European Union. Currently town twinning represents a unique and dense network throughout Europe and beyond and therefore has a specific role to play with regard to the challenges of today’s Europe, which are reflected in the objectives of this Programme.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria specific to this measure are the following:


• The applicant must be:
- the municipality in which the meeting takes place or
- a non profit organisation or a twinning committee with a legal status (legal personality) representing local authorities;
• it must be established in a participating country;
• A town can host a citizens’ meeting only once in a year.

• Maximum duration of the meeting is 21 days.

The deadlines for submitting applications for citizens’ meetings will be as follows:

Phase number/ Deadline for submission/ for meetings starting between:

First phase/ 1 September / 1 January – 30 September of the year after the deadline
Second phase / 1 February / 1 June of the same year of the deadline – 28 February of the year after the deadline
Third phase/ 1 April/ 1 August of the same year of the deadline – 30 April of the year after the deadline
Fourth phase/ 1 June/ 1 October of the same year of the deadline – 30 June of the year after the deadline

How is the activity financed?

The maximum grant to be awarded is 22.000 euros per project. A maximum of
40.000 euros per project can apply if at least 10 towns participate in the project.
The minimum grant awarded is 2500 euros.

Measure 1.2. Networks of twinned towns

Twinning is a strong link that binds municipalities; therefore, the potential of the networks created by a series of town twinning links should be used for developing thematic and long-lasting cooperation between towns.
The Commission supports the development of such networks, which are important for ensuring structured, intense and multifaceted cooperation, therefore contributing to maximizing the impact of the Programme.

Eligibility criteria


To be eligible the applicant must be
• A municipality or
• A local/regional authority or
• A federation/association of local authorities, or
• A non profit organisation or a twinning committee with a legal status
(legal personality) representing local authorities

• Maximum project duration is 24 months.
• Maximum duration of each event is 21 days.

When to apply?

The deadlines for submitting applications for networks of twinned towns will be as follows:

Phase number/ Deadline for submission/ for projects starting between:

First phase/ 1 February/ 1 June – 30 December of the same year as the deadline
Second phase/ 1 September/ 1 January – 30 May of the year after the deadline

How is the activity financed?

Maximum amount eligible for a project within this measure is 150.000 euros.
The minimum amount eligible is 10.000 euros.
The system for calculating the grant based on flat rates and lump sums was introduced to simplify the management both for the EACEA and for the beneficiaries. This system will be evaluated on the basis of its results and may be developed or modified.

Deadline for submission:15.02.2012

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