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XminusY Solidarity Fund - Always Looking for Groups to Support
Határidő:  2013 június
Feltöltve:  2013. január 7., 11:29:09
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Ország:  Magyarország; Románia
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XminusY Solidarity Fund is an independent and progressive funding organisation that has been supporting social movements and organisations all over the world for over 40 years.

Nowadays there is a huge number of funds, but XminusY clearly stands out from other funds and organisations in several important ways. First of all, XminusY is in a position to maintain a critical and independent course. Many funds and aid organisations depend on government or EU funding, which means they have to justify their methods and actions to these authorities. XminusY is supported by a few thousand individual people in the Netherlands who donate to the fund. This way we are fully independent from government funding, churches, political parties or other institutions, and free to determine our own political position and strategy.

We do not believe in aid in the traditional purely, humanitarian sense. Many organisations occupy themselves with inventing and implementing projects in ‘developing countries’. In our opinion it makes much more sense to make local initiatives possible. This is why we do not dispatch ‘experts’, we do not have large-scale ‘development projects’, and we do not try to encourage the Dutch population to implement their own projects in the ‘South’. We support local groups that work on a grassroots level in the struggle for fundamental economic, political and social changes, without imposing our own opinions or methods upon them. We benefit from an extensive network within the progressive global movements and consider ourselves an active part of these movements.

Who we support

Anti-lager actieXminusY supports groups and organisations all over the world to organize activities aimed at social justice and political emancipation. We give priority to grass roots social movements, not to institutionalized NGOs. Groups and organisations supported by XminusY often operate at the margins of their own societies. Their work is either too politically sensitive or too radical to gain the status and recognition necessary to receive structural funding by governmental or other mainstream sources. The support of XminusY can be the first impulse for groups in starting new initiatives aimed at for social change.

How you can apply

Requests for support can be submitted by regular post, e-mail or the application-form on our website. Using of the form on the website is preferred. It is also possible to use encrypted email to send your application.

An application should include some background information and a fairly detailed budget. Languages spoken and written at the XminusY office are English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German.

Please, before you apply, read the General Criteria and the Regional Criteria. It would be a shame if you put a lot of effort into an application and it is then rejected because it does not match the criteria at all.

General Criteria for applications to XminusY

  • XminY only supports groups, organizations or social movements that fight for an honest, just and ecologically sound society.
  • XminY only supports projects that aim to mobilize and inspire individuals and groups.
  • XminY only supports projects that go beyond specific individual or ethnic interests.

  • XminY prefers to support demonstrations, blockades, occupations, direct actions, revolts, revolutions and other creative forms of confrontational action.
  • XminY prefers to support grassroots organizations.
  • XminY prefers to support politically controversial projects that have difficulty finding financial aid elsewhere.

  • XminY prefers to support projects that lead to political actions.
  • XminY prefers to fund projects that are part of a long term strategy.
  • XminY supports projects with a maximum of 3,000 euros.

  • XminY only supports projects with a total budget of less than 20,000 euros.
  • XminY doesn't fund structural costs like wages or rental costs.
  • XminY doesn't support conferences, seminars, debates or other meetings unless they clearly aim to prepare for political actions.
  • XminY doesn't finance juridical procedures unless these are part of a broader activist campaign.

  • XminY doesn't support political parties.

  • XminY doesn't support groups that try to exclude other progressive movements.
  • XminY doesn't fund projects specifically aimed at disabled people or children.

  • XminY doesn't fund humanitarian aid or healthcare.
  • XminY doesn't fund emergency aid.

  • XminY doesn't support cultural or educational projects that only aim at raising awareness.

  • XminY doesn't fund micro-credit programs or income generating projects.

  • XminY doesn't support projects through third parties. We want to cooperate directly with the groups we support, without an additional bureaucratic layer in between.

Earlier support for an action or campaign doesn't imply future support – each proposal will be judged separately and on its own merits. All proposals to XminY should comply with the General criteria above and with the following additional regional criteria:

Criteria for Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East

  • XminY only supports groups with a broad appeal.
  • XminY doesn't finance costs of travel or stay. 

Please consider:

  • XminY is largely made up of volunteers, supported by a small staff. Around 50 knowledgeable volunteers judge incoming proposals.

  • Keep in mind decisions will take at least 8 weeks. It is no use to phone the office since decisions depend on meetings that have already been planned.

  • Decisions are final and can not be appealed.
  • You can always contact the relevant project coordinator if you are doubting whether a project meets our criteria.

  • If you happen to visit the Netherlands, and you'd like to come and see us, you are very much welcome. Please make an appointment to visit our office well in advance and note that we are not able to finance your visit to the Netherlands.


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