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Microsoft Academy for University Hires
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Feltöltve:  2007. december 10., 14:02:35
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Express Yourself at the Microsoft Academy for University Hires It is our pleasure to announce you that we are now launching Technical MACH Program in Microsoft Romania. MACH (Microsoft Academy for College Hires) was invented to support and develop graduates from some of the top colleges and universities around the world.

What is MACH?
MACH will act as your doorway into the world of Microsoft. It�s a two year programme of balanced work and training which provides the perfect transition between academia and professional life. The first year consists of a structured Academy training program, and the second year is more focused on continuing career development.

Participants will receive an exciting combination of practical experience and professional training across the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. Above all, it is challenging and equips participants with the skills and know-how required for a successful career with Microsoft.

For the duration of the program, each graduate is accompanied by a dedicated mentor. Mentors are
experienced Microsoft employees. Their role is to support graduate´s career development by advice and
counseling. The program is the perfect transition between academic and professional life. It is an
excellent chance to develop graduate´s professional career, balancing skills, knowledge and in-depth
insights into the practical day-to-day activities at Microsoft.

MACH Technical Program
Is designed for last year technically- oriented graduates or postgraduates up to 18 months of
professional experience.

Participants in this program will be FULL-TIME employee working in Services as Associate Consultant/
Associate TAM. They will achieve an in-depth understanding of Microsoft technologies and business
practices. For details related to job description, please go to .

What do we need?
We are looking for people with a passion for technology. Participants must have excellent English
and interpersonal communication skills. Must be a strategic thinker, able to balance the individual
creativity with working as a team. A high degree of customer and partner focus is also important.

The program is intended for this year graduates and postgraduates with less than 18 months of work

When does the MACH Program start?
The next MACH Program starts in January 2008 and the selection process is ongoing. Please send your application to or Please specify on your
application the position you are interested in.

BOS - Business Organization for Students
Learn to win!

tel: 0721 293 359
email2: mihai.iorga@

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