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2010 Europemobility Video Contest
Pályáztató:  Európai Bizottság
Határidő:  2010. június 30.
Feltöltve:  2010. június 2., 16:57:01
Célcsoport:  Magánszemélyek (354)
Tipus:  Verseny (42)
Szakmai terület:  Ifjúság (75); Fotó, videó, film (11)
Ország:  Magyarország; Románia
Forrás:  []

The Europemobility Video Contest is open to any European citizen who has accomplished a study program, youth exchange or work placement abroad, within Europe.

What is your mobility experience?

We are looking for original and creative videos that show mobility experiences!
Would you like to become a director of your own movie?
Have you found yourself in any difficult situation while being abroad?
What was the biggest challenge you had to deal with?
What have you learnt about yourself and the others while getting to know new people and new cultures?
Is there any funny story which took place abroad you want to share?
If your answers are positive, that means you are the right person in the right place.

You can make a documentary or a short presentation, about a general or a specific aspect of your stay abroad, for example: your personal or professional improvement, your social or cultural experiences.
You can use humour, music, animations and any other media source you may want to use. Just be creative! (read carefully the applicable video and audio legal terms).

Conditions to participate

- Your video MUST be one to three minutes long.
- Your video MUST be original and produced by you.
- Your video, images, audio and text MUST respect the international Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) legislation. We invite you to discover and use free and legal sharing licence agreements available online, such as CREATIVE COMMONS.

The video has to be spoken in English or, in case you want to use another language, the video must be English subtitled.

Please note that Europemobility will not allow videos with commercial purposes, inappropriate language, abusive, violent and pornographic contents.

Awards waiting for you !

There are two award categories, one for the videos elected by the Europemobility Jury and one for those elected by the online voters.

Each category contains three prizes. Europemobility will award:

* €500,00 for the best video nominated by the Jury, plus a trip to the Award Ceremony
* Netbook for the best video nominated by the online voters, plus a trip to the Award Ceremony
* The second and third winners of both categories will receive a trip to the Award Ceremony, plus a recognition prize

All the winners will go to the Award Ceremony during September 2010 with opportunity to present their videos to an international audience.

Travel and accommodation will be organised and paid by Europemobility.

The winning videos will be promoted on the Europemobility website and publications, as well as via its project partners.


- Videos must be uploaded and candidates registered on the Europemobility web site by 30 June 2010, 23:59:59 CET.
- Online voting system is open from the moment of approval and publishing of the video until 30 July 2010, 23:59:59 CET.
- Europemobility Jury will publish on the names of the winners by 31 July 2010, 23:59:59 CET.


The procedure for registering to Europemobility Video Contest is simple:

* You need to fill in all fields of the registration form and upload a copy of an Identification Document, such as Identify Card or Passport. You need to use a valid email account
* Once completed all fields the system will send you an email with instruction for you to confirm your email account.
* Europemobility Admin will approve your account and you will receive a confirmation email
* You can now proceed to upload your video which will need to be approved by the Europemobility Admin before being visible on the Video Contest web site.

Please note: Registration procedure includes dedicated section for acceptance of Intelletual Property Rights (IPR) legislation.
Videos which don’t respect IPR legislation will be still visible from website, but they will be excluded from the video contest.

Award Criteria and Procedure

All videos posted by any candidate will be available on the Europemobility web site and the general public is invited to express their preference with an online voting system.

Furthermore Europemobility Jury will express their evaluation based on the following criteria so the scoring system will result as follows:

* 40% - Relevance of the video, fitting with the theme of mobility
* 40% - Originality and creativity of the underlying idea (basic concept)
* 30% - Quality of the script and realisation

Once the 2010 Video Contest is over, our Jury will determine a list of videos to be kept accessible on the Europemobility web site.
The Award Ceremony will be held within the Europemobility Final Conference which will be broadcasted online.

Online voting system

Your online vote will decide who is the winner of the 2010 Europemobility Video Contest.

Voting online is simple and it is managed on :

1 - watch a video
2 - vote using the score from 1 to 10 with the stars above the video. Please note that the following rules apply:

* you can only vote once for each video
* you can only vote for a max of 10 videos
* you can use each score from 1 to 10 only once, therefore you can’t use the same score for 2 different videos

3 – STEP 1: insert your email address
4 – STEP 2: check your email for the token, the key code sent by our web site, and paste it to validate your vote. Please note that the token key code is valid for all the 10 votes and it does not change.
5 – Done !! Your vote has been added to the score of that video.

To start watching and voting videos, click here.

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