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European Photo Competition For Diversity
Pályáztató:  Európai Bizottság
Határidő:  2007. június 30.
Feltöltve:  2007. március 2., 17:00:04
Célcsoport:  Magánszemélyek (354)
Tipus:  Verseny (42)
Szakmai terület:  Fotó, videó, film (11)
Ország:  Románia

Your View. Your Perspective. Your Picture.

Get your camera ready and take a picture that makes a creative statement for diversity, against discrimination. See your work published on posters and flyers all across the EU.

Participate in the European Photo Competition and win € 3,000 for yourself and € 3,000 for your university or school. The runner-up will receive € 2,000 and the third-placed entry € 1,000. The best entries will be featured in a travelling exhibition across Europe.

The Competition

The EU information campaign ‘For Diversity. Against Discrimination.’ is inviting photography, art and design students from across the EU to make a creative statement for diversity by entering its "Breaking Stereotypes" Photo Competition. Students are asked to create a photo or photo collage that promotes diversity and appeals to a young audience.   

An international jury of photographers, young artists and well-known experts in the fields of design and communication will select the best photos. Contributions will be judged according to their creativity and originality, as well as universal European appeal.
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Who may enter?

The competition is open to students of photography, fine arts, graphic design, communication design, visual communications, media design and other related disciplines. Participants need to be registered at an academy, university or college in one of the 27 EU Member States. Individual as well as team submissions of up to three students are permitted. Read more…

Win prizes worth € 9,000

The lucky winners will be awarded prizes worth up to € 3,000. In addition, for their support, the overall winner’s university or college will be awarded € 3,000 to promote creative talents or to invest in school equipment. The 35 best photos will be featured in an exhibition in Brussels and then travel to the capital cities of the three place-winners.  Read more…

How to enter

Take your own camera or your school’s equipment and go hunting for a powerful image. Feel free to edit the picture in colour or design, or even put several images together. But remember, all pictures used need to be your own. Once your design is formatted correctly (more info here) you are ready to enter the competition. Send in a copy of the picture on paper and upload a preview and the original photo through our entry form. Please read the rules of the competition before submitting your entry. Photos will be accepted until 30th June 2007. There are no entry fees. Read more…

The European Commission is running a five-year pan-European information campaign (from 2003-2007) on combating discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, disability and sexual orientation. The “For Diversity. Against Discrimination.campaign is designed to inform people about their rights under EU anti-discrimination legislation, as well as to promote the positive benefits of diversity in the workplace. Diversity and dialogue are not only the key messages but also the guiding principles of the campaign, which includes pan-European, national and regional measures.

At the same time, the photo competition is running within the framework of a second campaign promoting the fight against discrimination: the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All 2007. This initiative of the European Commission seeks to make people in the EU more aware of their rights to equal treatment and to a life free of discrimination. The activities undertaken during the European Year are intended to address the discrimination some individuals suffer because of their gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, or sexual orientation. These are grounds for discrimination that may be addressed at European level and the Year will try to launch a major debate on the benefits of diversity both for European societies and individuals.

The European Photo Competition for Diversity is one of the major EU-wide projects being held in 2007 with the support of both campaigns. It will be running in all of the 27 EU Member States, inviting photography, art and design students to send in their photo designs, which may be used to convey the campaign's messages to a young audience.
To read more about the EU campaign "For Diversity. Against Discrimination." please visit the campaign website at To find out more about the European Year of Equal Opportunities for all please visit the Year’s website.

Participation requirements

  1. The competition is open to photography, art and design students registered at an educational institution for art and design, including disciplines such as photography, fine arts, graphic design, communication design, visual communication, media design and other related fields. The educational institution must be based in one of the 27 EU Member States. Students need to provide proof of registration at an institution of higher education.
  2. Students may either register for the competition individually or their school/university may enter them for the competition provided that the student has given his/her consent.
  3. Team entries are allowed; teams may consist of a maximum of three students. If a team entry wins the competition, the prize will be equally split among all team members.
  4. Each participant / group may enter a maximum of three photos.
  5. Participants should keep copies of all material submitted as entries will not be returned.
  6. Participants should ensure they have high resolution/quality master copies of their photos at home for further printing purposes.
  7. Entry deadline is 30th June 2007.
  8. The European Commission will reserve the right to utilise the contributed photos for presentation and media use and to reproduce all entries for promotional purposes within the framework of its anti-discrimination campaigns. This includes the entries' publication in a special winners’ catalogue.

Photo requirements

  1. The photo should make a statement against stereotypes and discrimination and promote diversity as a positive concept to a young audience.
  2. The photo should have a universal appeal for people across the EU.
  3. The photo may be edited in any way (colours, effects, sharpening, black/white, etc.). The entry can also be a collage of several photos.
  4. Contributions must have a title and can include a short explanation using a maximum of 150 words.
  5. No copyrighted material may be used for the design.
  6. No original photo material may be used for design without the written consent of the parties depicted.
  7. Every participant must upload a digital preview of his/her picture (about 600 x 800 pixels) using the online entry form on the competition website.
  8. Additionally, the entry must be sent through one of the two methods specified below: 

Option 1:  Digital

Upload your digital photo file with a resolution of at least 2600 x 3900 pixels using the online entry form on the competition website.  All common photo formats are accepted; when compressing the picture into jpeg, choose a high resolution (at least 10 in Adobe Photoshop). The picture size may not be expanded to fit the resolution requirements. The file size should not exceed 30MB. *

Option 2: Film

If you use a film camera, please send a print from the negative in 13 x 18cm format (please keep the original negative for reference). Write your name and address on the back of the print and mail it together with a completed entry form from the website to:

MEDIA CONSULTA International Holding
Photo Competition
Wassergasse 3
10179 Berlin
* If you experience technical difficulties uploading your picture, you can also send it on a CD-Rom (with your name and address on the disc) together with a completed entry form  to the address mentioned above.

For more information, please visit:


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