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European Union Contest for Young Scientists
Pályáztató:  Európai Bizottság
Határidő:  2011. június 7.
Feltöltve:  2011. április 21., 12:51:41
Célcsoport:  Magánszemélyek (354)
Tipus:  Verseny (42)
Szakmai terület:  Ifjúság (75); Kutatás, fejlesztés (8)
Ország:  Magyarország; Románia
Forrás:  []

The European Union (EU) Contest for Young Scientists, an initiative of the European Commission, was set up to promote the ideals of co-operation and interchange between young scientists. Event is held in a different European city every year. At the end of September 2011 it will take place at Helsinki, Finland.

The young scientists also have the chance to meet others with similar abilities and interests and to be guided by some of the most prominent scientists in Europe. In this way, the Commission seeks to strengthen the efforts made in each participating country to attract young people to careers in science and technology.

The EU Contest gives students the opportunity to compete with the best of their contemporaries at European level. The Contest is the annual showcase of the best of European student scientific achievement and as such attracts widespread media interest.

Who can participate?

Only young scientists who have been designated by their respective national jury can participate in the EU Contest. In each country, the National Organizer is responsible for nominating the projects, and therefore the contestants, which are entered for the EU Contest.

The Prizes

The contestants compete on the basis of their work and interviews with the Jury for nine Core Prizes.

* Three First Prizes worth €7000 each
* Three Second Prizes worth €5000 each
* Three Third Prizes worth €3500 each

In addition to this, a limited number of Honorary Awards and Special Donated Prizes are also awarded to the contestants where, in the judgement of the jury, they would benefit from the specific experiences that these prizes offer.


Students, National Organisers and Escorts will be accommodated at the Cumulus Hakaniemi hotel. For further details, please check the hotel website.

Siltasaarenkatu 14
FI-00530 Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 546 60100
Fax: +358 9 546 60101

City centre 1.5 km
Metro station 100 m
Central railway station 1.5 km
Airport 17 km


People of various nationalities live in Finland, but the official languages of the country are Finnish, Swedish and Sami. Almost everyone also speaks some English. The Finnish for “hello” is simply hei or hyvää päivää and “thank you” is kiitos.


All official application forms will be available later in spring (early May) on this site. Please prepare all information needed before and fill the form carefully.

There is recommended to prepare at least

* full names (like in passport) of participants and national organizer representative
* passport numbers and expiration dates of all passports
* photos of participants and national organizer representative in size 300 px and 5x5 cm
* short abstracts, max 1000 characters, including spaces (and if possible revised by language expert)
* projects as pdf files (20 pages A4: 10 pages of written text & 10 with illustrations, 5 MB max)
* scientific summary files as pdf 1 page A4

National organizers and contestants
Only in home country awarded and for EUCYS excepted contestants can be registered. There can be only one person registered as national escort (the National organizer in person or other person nominated as a representative by the national organizer). Registration will close at 7.6.2011. Accommodation and flights will be arranged and paid by host country according to Contest rules and regulations.

Other representatives have use visitor form.

Other national organizers, representatives and quests have to fill the form for visitors. Registration will close by the end of July 2011. Visitors have to take care for all costs by themselves. There will be booking quota in hotel for visitors who will stay in same hotel with contestants.

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