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Workshop: Technologies for Enhancing Visual Methods and Data
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Feltöltve:  2007. augusztus 28., 09:02:48
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Technologies for Enhancing Visual Methods and Data 7 October 2007, Ann Arbor, Michigan, the US
(in conjunction with the 3rd international e-Social Science conference)

Visual methods involved with images, paintings, photos, or videos are becoming popular in social scientific research. For instance, the use of video and other visual methods (such as photography) have contributed to undertaking qualitative research. Technological advancements in hardware and software have enabled a range of visual data to be created and that these visual images could be employed in research to provide insight into understandings of behaviours, attitudes, emotions and beliefs, and to result in methodological advancements or innovations.

The ESRC National Centre for e-Social Science has involved in several projects in response to the need for visual methods. Some of them are about developing tools for data collection and analysis. The others are about exploring new ways of doing research in an image-based visual environment.

This half-day workshop, partly sponsored by the British Academy and Taiwan National Science Council international collaboration fund, will provide an opportunity for people engaged in visual methods to share their work and experiences. Both developers and users from different disciplines are cordially invited.

The discussion at this workshop will

* advance our understanding of user requirements which are emerging and difficult to meet;

* raise awareness of visual methods for social scientific research;

* encourage the adoption of new technologies for collecting and analysing visual data;

* improve our understandings of social and ethical and usability issues involved in the development process of new technologies for enhancing visual methods and visual data;

* implicate in methodological innovation in social sciences and other research areas.

We also anticipate to identify key collaboration areas for formulating longer term international research projects.

This workshop is organised by Michael Daw, Terry Hewitt, and Yuwei Lin at the University of Manchester; Pau-Choo Chung at the National Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan.

For registration or any enquiries, please contact Yuwei Lin at

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