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Potential expert evaluators for eTEN (2003-2004)
Pályáztató:  Európai Bizottság
Határidő:  2004. június 30.
Feltöltve:  2004. március 29., 18:48:11
Célcsoport:  Magánszemélyek (354)
Szakmai terület:  Egyéb (86)
Ország:  Románia

Call for applications for the compilation of a list of experts for the evaluation of proposals received in connection with the eTEN programme, projects of common interest in the field of trans-European telecommunications networks (2003-2004)

1. Introduction
eTEN is part of the trans-European networks policy of the EU, which is designed to enable the citizens of the Union, economic operators and regional and local communities to derive full benefit from the setting up of an area without internal frontiers, to strengthen economical, social and territorial cohesion, and to reduce disparities between levels of development of various regions. The primary aim of eTEN is to support the establishment of operational services in the public interest based on electronic data transmission networks, which contribute to improving the quality of life for citizens, strengthen the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the European Union and contribute to the competitiveness of European industry. eTEN stimulates the innovative use of communication services, especially mobile broadband communications, and helps to establish the economically viable model for such services by supporting their validation and roll-out.

The Commission invites applications for the compilation of a list of experts providing assistance with the technical, financial, socio-economic and business evaluation of proposals following calls for proposals, the review of projects, and the overall evaluation of the eTEN action. Persons wishing to apply for inclusion on the list are invited to do so in accordance with the provisions of this notice.

Applicants who are already on the lists of experts drawn up for the implementation of the TEN-Telecom Action 2000-2002 and who wish to participate in providing assistance in the eTEN Action 2003-2004 must submit a new application according to the procedures laid down in chapter 4.

2. Tasks
Assistance includes the following tasks:
a. Assistance with evaluating the proposals submitted in response to the calls for proposals put out within the context of the eTEN Action. The experts will assess the proposals on the basis of the evaluation criteria mentioned in the calls and in the information packages accompanying these calls.

b. Assistance for Commission personnel within the context of the review of specific eTEN projects. The experts will be required to examine deliverables produced by project participants and to participate in annual or ad-hoc reviews (organised by the Commission services in the context of eTEN action) to make recommendations to the Commission for acceptance of project deliverables, continuation or noncontinuation of ongoing projects, or the modification of their work schedule.

c. Assistance in the overall evaluation of the action and information days The experts will assist during the information days of the eTEN action and in the overall assessment of the manner the projects and the action in general have been carried out, and the impact of their implementation. All of the above mentioned tasks are subject to the confidentiality rules of the Commission.

3. The above mentioned tasks require expertise in one or more of the domains listed below:

Applications serve user needs, taking into account cultural and linguistic differences and the requirements of disabled and elderly people and where applicable, the needs of the less developed regions. They shall use the potential of mobile, broadband and other communications networks as applicable and shall be supported at all levels : European, national, regional and local. The trans-European element is, however, required. Four main application areas are supported by the programme and are listed below. Each heading is followed by an indicative list of topics which proposals and projects may address within that area. eGovernment and eAdministration

Applications to provide more efficient, interactive and integrated governmental services benefiting citizens and SMEs. On-line services include but are not limited to:

· Electronic procurement
· Secure access to on-line services for citizens and public administrations
· Personal security
· Environment
· Tourism
· Business support for SMEs, including information services and electronic commerce
· Services aimed at broadening the participation in the democratic decision-making process
· Other services

Applications to offer improvement of access and quality of care, linking health care institutions and other points of care to provide health services directly to the public:
· Health insurance electronic card systems
· Electronic health records
· Health professional cards
· E-prescription
· E-reimbursement
· Information services such as preventative healthcare
· Quality and integrity of services over network
· Other services

Disabled and elderly

Applications to support persons with special needs, including disabled and elderly to participate in the information society:
· Access to internet
· Secure living conditions
· Remote access to services
· Participation in democratic processes
· Other services

Learning and Culture
Services to support new innovative ways of presenting educational and cultural information, including services for life-long learning:
· Distance and managed learning environments
· E-learning services supporting life-long learning
· On-line student access to virtual campus
· E-skills training
· Learning services for home-based learners
· Educational multimedia
· Cultural heritage (museums, libraries)
· Other services

Generic services : Services to support applications’ common requirements by providing for common tools for the development and implementation of applications based on interoperability standards.

Advanced mobile services
Advanced mobile services in the general interest :
· 2.5-3G mobile networks
· Navigation and guidance
· Network security
· Traffic and travel information
· Billing and payments
· M-commerce
· Mobile work
· Mobile learning
· Mobile emergency services
· Mobile health services
· Satellite systems (communication, positioning)
· Other services

Trust and confidence services

Applications and services with all aspects of security in the field of public interest:
· Network security
· CERT systems
· Trusted networks
· Electronic signatures
· Electronic payments
· Other services
Interconnection and interoperability of networks
Support for the interconnection, interoperability and security of networks underpinning the
operation of specific public interest applications and services.

4. Applications must be submitted in accordance with the procedures set out below. The application form includes a model curriculum vitae. This presentation format is mandatory.

The conditions required for considering applications stipulate, in particular, that candidates must:
- Have a university degree
- Provide evidence of a minimum of 5 years of experience in the management of innovative IT and telecommunications applications and services projects in a public or commercial environment, or of experience in the business development, technical, commercial and financial appraisal of innovative IT and telecommunications applications and services projects.
- Provide evidence of professional experience in one or several of the abovelisted domains of the eTEN action.
- Provide evidence of professional experience in developing and providing public services in the Member and accession states of the European Union
- Have the ability to evaluate proposals written in English and at least one other Community language In addition to these eligibility criteria, the following criteria for evaluation of the candidatures will be applied:
- Duration and quality of the experience in the management of innovative IT and telecommunications applications and services projects in a public or commercial environment, or of experience in the business development and technical, commercial and financial appraisal of innovative IT and telecommunications applications and services projects.
- Degree of coverage of the expertise in the domains listed above.

The application form is available from the following website address:
It is also available on request from:
Unit D6 - BU31 2/74
Information Society DG
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 2984243

Applications can be delivered in four ways :
(1) In paper format by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by private courier service in return for an acknowledgement of receipt, to the following address:
Unit D6 - BU31 2/74
(eTEN list of evaluators)
Information Society DG
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels

Applications must be sent in 2 sealed envelopes. The inner envelope should be marked: "Call for applications for expert evaluators eTEN (number of OJ and call) – not to be opened by the internal mail service”. After receiving the application eTEN will send an acknowledgement of receipt to the sender.

(2) Electronic mail

(3) Facsimile
+32 2 296 17 40

(4) By on-line data submission
Applications can be entered directly with the data entry tool to be published on the eTEN web-site into the database. The application will send each candidate a confirmation of the receipt. After the pre-selection phase the candidate will be informed whether his/her application will be retained. If the candidature is retained, it will also be possible for the candidate to edit his/her application in the database later on with the help of the login/password provided by the database application.

5. Applications relating to this call can be sent until 30.06.2004. The list resulting from the selection will remain valid until 31.12. 2004. Updates to the list will be carried out at regular intervals until 31.12.2004. However , in order to be considered for the tasks as described in section 2 during the first half of 2003, candidates should aim to register early (e.g. by 30.04.2003)

6. To ensure the independence of evaluations, on conclusion of their contract the experts selected will have to sign a declaration certifying that there is no conflict of interests between the work of the evaluation panel for which they are selected and the posts they occupy. Throughout the evaluation process they must demonstrate the appropriate devotion to duty and observe the confidentiality of the information and documents brought to their attention during the process.

7. Expert contracts may be signed either by the applicants selected or, in the event that they are employed by a legal entity, by an authorised representative of the entity. The applicants selected will be remunerated in accordance with the scale valid at the time of signature of the contract. Their travel and subsistence expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of the provisions in force within the Commission.

8. The policy of the European Commission is one of equal opportunities for women and men. In this context, the Commission would particularly welcome applications from suitably qualified women.

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