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Határidő:  2016. október 27.
Feltöltve:  2016. október 3., 18:47:30
Célcsoport:  Magánszemélyek (354)
Tipus:  Szakdolgozat (8); Konferencia (33)
Szakmai terület:  Történelem (4); Egyéb (86)
Ország:  Magyarország; Románia

The ASN World Convention, the largest international and inter-disciplinary scholarly gathering of its kind, welcomes proposals on a wide range of topics related to nationalism, ethnicity, ethnic conflict and national identity in regional sections on the Balkans, Central Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia, the Caucasus, and Turkey/Greece, as well as thematic sections on Nationalism Studies and Migration/Diasporas. Disciplines represented include political science, history, anthropology, sociology, international studies, security studies, geopolitics, area studies, economics, geography, sociolinguistics, literature, psychology, and related fields.

The Convention is also inviting paper, panel, roundtable, book, documentary, or special presentation proposals related to:

“The Conflict in Ukraine,” on the domestic, regional and international crisis unleashed by Maidan, the annexation of Crimea, the war in Donbas, and the role of Russia, Europe and the United States;

“Russia and the New Cold War,” on Russia’s involvement in international crises (i.e. Ukraine, Syria), authoritarianism, information warfare, geopolitics, NATO/EU, energy politics, sanctions, nationalism;

“Internally Displaced People and Refugees,” on the refugee crisis in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere, securitization of borders, human and civil rights;

“The Rise of the Far Right,” on migration, multiculturalism, populism, nativism in Eastern/Western Europe and America,

“Political Violence,” on insurgencies, civil wars, terrorism, the rise of ISIS, post-conflict settlement, international justice;

“The Crisis in Turkey,” on the spectre of authoritarianism, the Kurdish question, Gulenism, the army and the state, refugees, the war in Syria, relations with Russia;

“The Political Use of Historical Memory,” on the construction and contestation of the memory of historical events in sites, symbols, state and (social) media narratives, and academic research.

Prospective applicants can get a sense of the large thematic scope of ASN Convention papers and presentations by looking at the 2016 Final Program, which can be accessed at Popular topics have also included language politics, religion and politics, EU integration/exit, nation-building, energy politics, and civil society.

Deadline for proposals: 27 October 2016 (to be sent to both AND

To contact the ASN Convention’s headquarters: Ryan Kreider ASN Executive Director Assistant Director, The Harriman Institute Columbia University 420 W. 118th St., Room 1218, MC 3345 New York, NY 10027 212 851 2174 tel 212 666 3481 fax

■  IMPORTANT ■ Applicants can only send one paper proposal -- either as an individual proposal, or as a paper part of a panel proposal. If an applicant sends more than one proposal based on a written paper, neither will be considered. This applies to co-authors as well. A co-author can only appear on one proposal based on a paper. At the Convention, a panelist can only appear on a maximum of TWO panels, only one of which can be in the capacity of a paper presenter. For example, a panelist can be discussant or chair on a panel and present a paper on another, or chair a panel and be discussant in another, and so forth. This rule applies to co-authored papers. This means that applicants can appear on a maximum of two proposals sent to the Convention, only one of which can be in the capacity of a paper-giver.

Individual paper proposals must include four items:

  • Contact information: the name, email, postal address and academic affiliation of the applicant.
  • A 300- to 500-word abstract (shorter abstracts will not be considered) that includes the title of the paper.
  • A 100-word biographical statement, in narrative form (essentially one paragraph). Standard CVs will be rejected and the entire proposal must be sent in a single document.

Individual proposals featuring more than one author (joint proposal) must include the contact information and biographical statement of all authors and specify who among the co-authors intend to attend the Convention to present the paper. Only coauthors attending the Convention will have their names in the official program.

  • A Fact Sheet, to be filled out online (see above).

In the case of co-authors, only those intending to attend the Convention must send a Fact Sheet. The Word document proposal must indicate that the Fact Sheet has been filled out online.

Panel proposals must include four items:

  • Contact information (see above) of all proposed panelists.
  • The title of the panel and the title and a 200- to 300-word abstract of each paper.
  • A 100-word biographical statement (see above) for each proposed panelist. Statements in standard CV format will not be considered. The rules on joint proposals are the same as with individual proposals (see above).
  • A Fact Sheet, to be filled out online (see above), for each panelist attached to the proposal. The Word document proposal must indicate that all panelists have filled out their Fact Sheet online.

Proposals for roundtables include a chair and four presenters, but no discussant, since the presentations, unlike regular panels, are not based on written papers. Roundtable proposals include the same four items as a panel proposal, including the title of each presentation, except that the 200- to 300-word abstracts are presentation abstracts, rather than paper abstracts.

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