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EVS: Short term project in Ruse, Bulgaria
Pályáztató:  Európai Bizottság
Határidő:  2014. szeptember 25.
Feltöltve:  2014. szeptember 16., 11:20:43
Célcsoport:  Magánszemélyek (354)
Tipus:  Szakmai gyakorlat (69)
Szakmai terület:  Oktatás (59); Ifjúság (75)
Ország:  Magyarország; Románia

Project environment:

The project will take place in Ruse, Bulgaria. Ruse is the fiffth largest city in Bulgaria. It is located on the northern border of Bulgaria, on the Bank of the river Danube. The climate in Ruse is temperate. It is only 70 km. away from the Romanian capitalaˆ“Bucharest.Ruse is an old city, with rich history and lots of cultural and historical heritage.It is often visited by tourists. In Ruse there are several ethnic minorities, which live in peace and are socialy very well integrated (Roma minority,Turkish minority, Armenian minority and Jewish minority). In the city there are many schools and a university, factories,opera house, theatre, many festivals.

The activities related to art and culture will be held in the halls of the youth centre.The building is located in the central part of the town, accessible for the young people. It is close to most administrative buildings and most high schools. Inside the building there are halls for rehearsals, trainings and sport activities.There are seven offices with computers, internet, telephones etc.

The volunteer will be able to use an office with all facilities (computer,internet, telephone etc.). Some of the activities of the volunteer will include visits to local schools and culture institutes.
The activities related to sport and outdoor activities will take place in the appropriate for this purposes places-parks,stadiums, sports halls, echo-marchroutes etc.
In order to organise different sport and outdoor activities, the volunteer will be able to use an office in the building of the youth centre with computer, internet, telephone etc.
Some of the planned activities, the volunteer will implement in other partner organizations of the youth center like community centers, orphanages and other municipal structures.
In their work the volunteers will have the opportunity to meet with local young people who attend our clubs or our volunteers and representatives of the Youth Parliament. We are confident that their volunteer work will meet and get to know other young people.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

The volunteer will have the opportunity to participate actively in the activities of our clubs. Participating in the later, he/she will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. By assisting the leader of the club, he/she will develop leadership and organizational skills and attributes needed for teamwork. Communicating with his/her peers in art activities will enrich their general knowledge about the country and its traditions like dances, songs and customs.

Art and Culture:

‹‹The volunteer will assist the club which he/sche has an interest to work in. His role will be to attract young people into the club, to promote activities, organize rehersals and concerts, produce and distribute posters and promotional materials, to assist the manager in the rehearsals and apply their expertise in this area. The volunteer will share good practices from their previous experience in this field and will present their country, their culture, traditions and customs. In interest of the local youth, the volunteer will create a club for Intercultural Dialogue.

Sport and outdoor activities:

‹The volunteer will initiate sports and outdoor activities for young peoples leisure time. He/she will plan, organize, promote, and attract participants, realize sports and outdoor activities like aˆ“ becycle tours, tournaments, competitions or eco-actions. The volunteer will share his/her experiences in this field and will present his/her country like culture, traditions and customs. In interest of the young people, the volunteer will create a club which he/she will lead.

Nevertheless, in whatever activities the volunteer participate and which club support, he/she will be a person who brings new ideas and enthusiasm. He will help to promote the organization and in particular the activities which support.

The volunteer will be involved in the club activities of the organization - dance clubs and sporting activities and outdoor activities. Which activities will do the volunteer will depend on his/hers interests, the program. Their time will be tailored to their interests. Besides club activities, volunteers can assist in the daily work of the organization by, mostly, making contacts with foreign partners and promoting clubs in the Youth Centre. The volunteer will answer queries in the Eurodesk relays, if he/she is familiar with the matter; will present their country in the local
community; will promote the activities of the Youth Centre of Ruse; will promote concerts, festivals, exhibitions etc. If its possible, will provide information to the website of the organization.

MYC Ruse will support the volunteer in the realizing his/her ideas of activities which are related to his/her role in Ruse. For example, providing facilities, technical equipment, materials, media support etc.
Volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in the following clubs:

Modern Balley - leading rehersals, organizing concerts, choreography, promoting the activity in Ruse schools, preparing costumes and set design, looking for opportunities to participate in exchanges and festivals abroad, and others.
Folk Dances - supporting the leader, sewing costumes, promoting the activity in Ruse schools, supports concerts, seeking opportunities to participate in exchanges and festivals abroad, and others.
Photography - recruiting participants in the photography club, organizing photoshoots outdoors, organizing exhibition, promoting the club,etc.
Theatre Club - attracting young people in the theatre club, supporting the activities of the manager, organizing theatrical performances, promoting the club, looking for opportunities to participate in exchanges and festivals abroad, promoting the Student Theatre Festival, etc.
Pop-rock - attracting young people into the club, supporting the activities of the manager, looking for foreign partners and contact with them, participating in the preparation and organization of an international festival of pop rock music, and more.

The Volunteer will have the opportunity to lead his/her own independent club of their own interest.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

The volunteers, who we would like to receive in our organisation, have to be motivated to work with young people, to have interest in the field of art and culture or sport and outdoor activities. To be willing to work with young people from Bulgaria.
We will popularise the project in the European database, on the eurodesk point, we will search for volunteers among our partner organisations from previous projects, and we will publish the information on other youth related nets on the internet. We will ask all candidates for volunteers to send a CV, a motivation letter, and we will ask them to fill a questionnaire, arranged by our organisation in order to assess the candidates motivation and attitude towards the project. We will interview on the telephone the candidates who are suitable for our club activities, and who show strong interest and motivation. The selection of candidates will be done after achieving an agreement among at least three representatives of our organisation.
We would like the sending organisations to be other youth centres or non-governmental organisations, which organise activities similar to ours, so the volunteers will be able to apply the new experience gained during the project.
The most important criteria for the candidates selection will be their motivation and interest in the club activities.

Municipal youth centre aˆ“Ruse can provide accommodation, facilities and activities for maximum four candidates during one and the same period.
The team of the youth centre will support each volunteer, regardless of their project.
We will hire experts outside our organisation, who will be mentors. We will support the needs, ideas and activities of the volunteers. All volunteers will have accommodation in municipality buildings; they will have equal conditions for their meals, and equal access to offices with all necessary facilities. We will maintain a regular feedback communication with all volunteers and their mentors.

Risk prevention, protection and safety:

Before leaving their country the volunteers will receive information about our town, our country, culture, way and standard of life. We will give the volunteers information about their rights and obligations as foreigners in Bulgaria. We will provide the volunteers with pictures of our team and the building and places where their activities will take place, pictures of their accommodation and their mentors.
After arriving to our organisation we will give detailed instructions to the volunteers and answer all questions that they are interested in. We will show the volunteers the location of some important buildings, such as the hospital, the main and local police station. We will give the volunteers a list of contact numbers in case of emergencies and the contact numbers of all members of our team. We will provide the volunteers with a GSM with free minutes. We will give the volunteers information about the places with bad reputation that are not suitable for them to visit.
We will give instructions to the volunteers about traffic safety-how to cross the streets safely, some specific crossroads in town. We will warn them that swimming in the river is not allowed. We will give them instructions about their safety at work (how to deal with the electric devices etc.)

We will keep in touch with the volunteer and the mentor on a regular basis.
We will provide the volunteers with instructions on a regular basis.
If the volunteer has any problems we will search for an optimal solution.
We will keep in touch with the sending organisation. If the volunteer needs emotional support we will arrange a meeting with the psychologist working in our organisation etc.
At this stage we are not planning to host volunteers under the age of eighteen.

More info about our organization you can find in our website: If you want to be volunteer in our project please send your CV and motivation letter before 25h September 2014. Contact E-mail  Title - EVS 2015 Eva Parvanova Municipal Youth Centre - Ruse 2A Rajko Daskalov str, fl 2 7000, Rousse city BULGARIA 

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