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Be a Road Safety Blogger and participate in the European Road Safety Charter Contest
Pályáztató:  Európai Bizottság
Határidő:  2012. október 1.
Feltöltve:  2012. augusztus 14., 16:55:21
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Ország:  Magyarország; Románia
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1. Competition Description

The ERSCharter contest invites young Europeans to create a message that will motivate youth to act in order to improve their safety on the roads. Only EU citizens between the ages 18 and 29 year are entitled to participate in the competition. The winning entry and prize will be awarded in accordance with these official rules.

2. Context

Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death globally among young people aged 15–19- year-olds. According to the WHO, the notion that road traffic crashes are unavoidable needs to be challenged and a pro-active, preventive approach to reducing death on our roads must be developed.
A number of factors increase the likelihood of road traffic injuries occurring, especially among young people. These include speeding, lack of helmet or seat-belt use and child restraint use, drinking and driving, and the lack of conspicuity. In addition, young people lack experience on the road, and, especially young men, are prone to be influenced by peer pressure and risktaking. Thus, young people pose a greater risk than other drivers to themselves, their passengers and other road users.

Road traffic injuries are thus a very serious health risk for young people around the globe and in Europe. Creative and effective ways of reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries of young people on the world’s roads need to be found. Young people need to be protagonists and actively participate in raising awareness and preventing more deaths on the roads. The ERSCharter aims to encourage the youth in Europe to have their say and communicate among them about this issue through blog posts. Change will only be achieved by involving young people and ensuring their commitment.

3. Themes and creative formats

Participants must post a blog related to road safety in the Blog section of the European Road Safety Charter portal ( To do this, you will need to register and create an account using your name as a user identification as well as indicate the email address where you can be contacted to confirm your participation and be informed of the results.

  • The title of the blog should contain the phrase “ERSC Contest 2012”.
  • The blog can include up to 3 photos or a link to a video.

Photos: the pictures should be in JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF format. The file should not exceed 2 MB and should be larger than 70x70 pixels; To insert a picture please select the icon Insert/edit image option from the body toolbar, click “Browse the Server”, then click on “Upload”, then click on “Browse”, select the image, click on “Upload” and finally “Insert file” and “Ok”.

Videos: the file format should be a URL link or an embedded link (with the video uploaded on Dailymotion, Google, YouTube).

4. Submissions

The European Road Safety Charter contest is a web-based contest. All contributions must be entered via the blog section of this website. All data provided must be complete and accurate.

5. Submission deadlines

Entries submitted online must be received by 12:00 PM CET on 1 October, 2012.

6. Language

Entries may be submitted in one or more of the 23 official EU languages.

7. Validity of entries

All valid entries shall be automatically entered on the website and shall be eligible for the
prize. Entries shall be considered valid provided they:

  • Are legible and understandable.
  • Demonstrate that they are serious and that a minimum of effort has been made.
  • Are politically correct and not insulting.
  • Fulfil all of the requirements set out in these competition rules.

All entries shall be reviewed by the website editorial team that will have the right to eliminate any entry that does not comply with the criteria. Entries must be the original work of the participants, must not have won previous awards and must not have been published previously.

8. Rights and permissions

Participants hold all necessary rights and permissions relating to the texts, photographs and films used to enter this competition and guarantee that nothing impedes their participation in the Contest and the use of their entries by the European Commission in accordance with the provisions stated herein. Participants certify that their entry/entries are not subject to copyright protection and as such can be freely distributed by the European Commission in relation to the ERSCharter contest.

Participants therefore guarantee the European Commission against all claims or actions that may be brought in any capacity in connection with the exercise of rights granted for this competition. Participants certify that they are in possession of all necessary approvals for any person involved directly or indirectly in the production of competition entries, including writers, actors, authors, performers of music, graphic designers, photographers and developers, and for any other party involved in creating or performing the entries. 
The European Commission is not responsible for failure to comply with this article.

9. Copyright

The copyright for entries remains with the author. However, the European Commission is authorised, in the form of an irrevocable 24-month worldwide license, to edit, reproduce, post and publish any entries in media partners’ online and print publications, as well as to publish or post these on websites and social network feeds to promote and disseminate the ERSC Contest. Furthermore, participants grant the European Commission permission to mention their name, town and country in connection with their submitted work and in advertising and publicising the ERSC Contest. The European Commission’s license shall be royalty-free and shall not require prior authorisation to reproduce, post or publish any work submitted in connection with the ERSC Contest, within a period of 24 months from the date of opening of the competition. This includes whole photographs, texts, and edited extracts from film submissions, including music. Should the European Commission seek any additional usage of an entry beyond this copyright license, such usage rights shall be negotiated with the author independently of the competition. These rules prevail over and supersede the section entitled Intellectual Property Rights User Content in the terms of the European Commission website.

10. Force majeure

In the event of force majeure or if circumstances dictate, the European Commission reserves the right to amend these rules, postpone or cancel the competition.

11. Acceptance of the rules

Participating in this competition implies full acceptance of these rules in their entirety, including, as and when required, any amendments and addenda.

12. Selection of winners

The winner will be elected according to the following process:

  • The jury will be comprised of experts from the European Commission or organisations
  • involved in Road safety for young people.
  • The selection criteria will be in equal proportion of the following five factors:
    • Dissemination of the blog: the number of accumulated “Shares” with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin that the blog will have collected at the closureof the participation – 20 %.
    • Relevance of the message: the message addresses one or several of the main issues that young people in Europe face on the roads – 20 %.
    • Capacity to transmit the message: Clarity and efficiency in transmitting the message to young people – 20 %
    • Creativity: Level of innovation and originality of the proposed message – 20 %
    • Quality of sent material: Clarity and attractiveness of the material sent to support the message – 20 %.

The decisions of the judges are final and binding.

13. Prize

The winner will win a one-month internship in Barcelona, in P.A.U. Education. P.A.U. Education is a private company based in Barcelona, working with public and private organizations on a European and international level on projects that are based on participatory educational schemes, community-building processes and innovative contents. The winner will be given the opportunity to improve his/her skills and contribute to develop a Road Safety project.

The prize includes the flight to and from Barcelona the winner’s closest international airport and a contribution of 1000 euros to cover all other costs. The trainee will have to be in possession of the European health insurance card and to take out any other travel insurance that he/she would need. No compensation other than that described herein shall be paid in connection with the use of entries. Prizes are not transferrable. There shall be no prize substitutions other than those provided for herein. There shall be no cash redemptions. If, for any reason, prizes cannot be awarded as stated herein, the European Commission reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.

14. Notification of winners

The winner shall be notified by phone and e-mail before December 2012. The winner shall also be announced on the website.

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